Preneed is a complicated and confusing transaction.  The Federal government treats preneed as a local sale of goods and services, and therefore, leaves most of the regulation to the states.  Each state regulates preneed differently, and many states have separate laws for funeral preneed and cemetery preneed.  With the exception of a handful of states, preneed laws allow preneed to be funded with insurance, trusts or depository accounts.  Consequently, several factors influence what form of preneed a death care operators offer to their families.  But without preneed, the death care operator knows that more and more families are being forced to choose cremation because of costs. We work exclusively with trusts because this form of preneed funding provides more flexibility and control to both the consumer and the death care operator.  Beginning in 1999, The Preneed Resource Company has guided funeral homes, cemeteries and death care trustees through  regulatory requirements and business challenges.  Our first priority is to provide compliance through the integration of contracts, administration, procedures and advice.  But, we also seek to provide affordable preneed options to both death care operators and consumers.   The Preneed Resource Company also works with maintenance care funds by providing administration and compliance to both cemeteries and trustees.       SERVICES FOR FUNERAL HOMES... We understand that some funeral homes do not want to leave their future to an insurance company or the state association.  For those operators, we provide everything that a funeral home needs to maintain a trust funded preneed program: contracts, administration, and regulatory reporting.  Our program allows funeral homes to sell guaranteed, non-guaranteed and a combination of guaranteed and non-guaranteed.  SERVICES FOR CEMETERIES... Trusts are crucial to cemeteries.  Most states require care and maintenance funds to be administered by a trust.  In contrast to a funeral home, the cemetery can deliver memorialization products in advance of need.  Consequently, trusts, rather than life insurance, are the preferred funding for cemetery preneed.  The Preneed Resource Company provides contracts, administration and regulatory reporting for both care funds and preneed sales.  Our cemetery preneed program allows the operator to offer multiple goods and services on the same contract, while applying consumer payments to priority categories such as interment rights and memoralization products.  Our administration allows markers and monuments to be delivered sooner.  CONSUMER ADVICE... The Internet is changing the Death Care business.  Funeral homes and cemeteries are encountering customers that are more informed.  Through our related compliance blog, we too are seeking to educate the Death Care consumer about preneed.  On our Consumer Advice page, we provide an explanation about preplanning, the different types of preneed, ways to evaluate preneed options and links to other consumer education websites.       SERVICES FOR TRUSTEES... For our trustee clients, we foster a stable, profitable relationship that is not only compliant, but also protects the preneed purchaser and results in a satisfied death care client.  Many fiduciary institutions have dedicated compliance officers, but those attorneys are rarely familiar with the state and Federal laws that govern death care trusts.  Smaller fiduciary institutions have limited compliance oversight, and will typically seek to limit liability exposures through the trust instrument.     
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