Legislative and Regulatory Reporting Service Senate Bill No. 1 signals the beginning of comprehensive changes to how Missouri will regulate the preneed transaction.  While the bill re-writes Chapter 436, the full impact of the new law will not be known until the Missouri State Board of Embalmers and Funeral Directors begins to exercise its new rulemaking authorities.  Chapter 436 and its regulations will impact consumers, funeral homes, cemeteries, and fiduciaries. Chapter 214 legislation fell short of the cemetery industry’s goals, and the industry will resume its efforts to clarify the endowed care requirements and preneed oversight to be required of Missouri cemeteries.  Until Chapter 214 can be amended, Missouri cemeteries will need to monitor the Chapter 436 and the State Board regulations. Kansas cemeteries also face changes as the Secretary of State holds a series of meetings intended to culminate in legislation for the 2010 session. It may be impractical for interested parties to participate in the Missouri and Kansas legislative and regulatory hearings and briefings.  PRC and Stalter Legal Services serve a variety of death care clients, including funeral homes, cemeteries, and fiduciaries.  Providing objective analysis is essential to our clientele, and PRC offers a legislative subscription service to those with an  interest in death care compliance: A bi-weekly report concerning recent developments including coverage of all meetings of Kansas and Missouri death care regulators. Written analysis of proposed legislation and regulations.  Individual consultations of one hour per month. The legislative subscription service is provided for a flat monthly rate that may be cancelled at any time.  A PRC fee schedule can be requested by e-mail inquiry to bill@preneedresource.com or call by using our toll free number 800-449-0030.       
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Death Care Law Legislation
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