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Death Care Law
Joint Funeral Home/Cemetery Marketing Recommendations Goals:  To increase traditional service sales and establish a marketing base for outside sales personnel. Establish funeral/burial entry packages that can compete in price with the cremation/ memorialization sale. Introduce longer term installment options with sequential/subsequent purchases and/or price guarantee deferrals (for eventual upgrade to a full service and burial). The combination of funeral/burial sales provides commission opportunities necessary to support outside sales personnel (that may not otherwise exist without the joint program). Provide salesmen contract status information that enables subsequent/follow up sales. Several levels of “integration” are involved: funeral sales and cemetery sales, insurance and trust, in house salesmen and outside sales men, contract forms and payment administration. Overlapping sales (vaults or cremations) would have to be agreed upon. Insurance funded programs have been the preferred funding vehicle for proactive funeral homes because of commissions and administration, but the structure of the program may push the insurance sale back in time. Trust funding offers more flexibility, but there will be increased administration requirements. An operator may have internal sales, but a system for providing leads to outside salesmen will be needed. A single application form with separate sales contract forms will be required. A single consumer payment is essential.  A clearing account with limited access will be necessary. Preliminary Recommendations Provide the consumer with ‘layered’ options such as credit life or non-guaranteed funds. The interment right sale is crucial, and should have a funding priority.  The second priority should be the funeral home’s non-declinable service.  Group O/C  and additional funeral services in an equitable manner. Defer cost sensitive merchandise sales (caskets and markers). Structure the program to be commission neutral to the sales force.  Trust funded sales will need to include a finance charge to keep pace with performance cost increases.  Provide the consumer cost comparisons (the premium structure of conventional preneed insurance establishes boundaries for finance charges, administrative fees and credit life). Agreed upon marketing materials (including website pages). Make the traditional service more affordable through longer pay periods and planned follow up sales (tiered upgrades to both funeral and cemetery). Transparency to both operations – sales information.
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