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Death Care Law
Integrated Preneed: Funeral and Cemetery Sales Integrated preneed programs offer funeral and cemetery packages that may be paid over time, and that can be offered cheaper than when purchased separately.  These types of programs give combo operators a business advantage because so few cemeteries offer preneed other than the sale of a grave space.  While many factors are contributing to the cremation trend, burial costs are playing a major role for many families opting out of the traditional funeral and burial.  Without a preneed program, cemeteries require that families to wait until the time of need to address burial costs.  Even if the funeral has been prearranged, burial costs are causing families to downgrade to a cremation service.  We explain these issues in greater depth in the Death Care Law blog post titled “The death care operator’s contributions to the cremation trend: immediate payment”. In our compliance blog, we also discuss why preneed is such a challenge for cemeteries (Cemetery Preneed Challenges: bucket accounting).  Integrated preneed is further complicated by the fact that most states impose different trusting requirements on funeral homes and cemeteries.  The combo operator has to use two different contract forms and maintain two different trusts, each with separate buckets.  Without the adequate administration, the consumer will be required to write separate checks.  PRC has solutions for these challenges, regardless whether you are a combo operator, or an independent operator looking to work with another funeral home or cemetery (even a municipal cemetery).  The program includes sales documents, administration, compliance training for salesmen, and an independent payment system that lets each operator track consumer payments.  We have assisted dozens of funeral homes and cemeteries in setting up new preneed programs, and understand the need for flexibility when addressing start up costs.  For those operators interested in establishing an integrated preneed program, we recommend that you visit our page on the PRC Pooled Fund Program with UMB Bank.  Our unitized pooled fund will have your trust investments diversified from day one.  The PRC Pooled Fund Program is also available to the cemetery’s endowed care funds.  We would also be happy to discuss with operators the opportunity to use this program for pre-construction sales for mausoleums, niches and columbarium. Follow this link to view our Joint Funeral Home/Cemetery Marketing Recommendations.
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