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Death Care Law
PRC At-Need Receivables Service Offering a flexible payment option to your families is important to making funerals more affordable, and controlling your accounts receivables.  Paying for a funeral with a credit card is not a viable option for a family with limited income.  And, most funeral homes lack the time and resources to administer installment payments.  So, PRC has established an At-Need Receivable Program that is more affordable than a credit card, and less costly to the funeral home than a collections proceeding. For at-need transactions that are 90 days or more delinquent, the funeral services purchaser is offered an eighteen-month installment program.  The installment program involves a 3.5% processing fee and 12% installment charges.  PRC retains the processing and installments fees for administration of the payments and communications with the family, and forwards the net principal payment to the funeral home. The arrangement is cheaper for the purchaser than using a credit card.  The installment program is also cheaper for the funeral home than hiring a collections agency which typically charge 35% of the outstanding balance. Consumer Terms: 12% installment fee Amount financed must be paid in full within 18 months.  (Longer terms may be offered only with the funeral home’s approval.) Interest computed on a 18 month financing period, and paid in equal amounts A processing fee of 3.5% is required (a minimum fee of $50) A postage and handling fee of $5.00 for each invoice mailed to the consumer The consumer can avoid all unpaid finance charges by paying the entire balance due. Monthly statements are mailed to the consumer. For unpaid balances less than $2,000.00, a higher processing fee may be charged. To learn more contact The Preneed Resource Company.   This is a service offered only to PRC clients.
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